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On the 26 March 2020, Case-1, the first Covid-19 infected person was found in Myanmar. All the schools and universities were immediately closed. Today, almost 27 Covid-19 infected people have been found in Myanmar and of them three patients have passed away.

My story is based on my grandfather’s funeral. My grandfather passed away at 19:30 pm on 9 April 2020 and his funeral was on 10 April 2020 in the morning. In our traditional funeral service, our family and friends show their condolences by coming to funeral. But these are not normal times. According to the lockdown terms in my country, we had only two of my friends, me and my mom at my grandpa’s funeral.

On the way to the cemetery, the usual busy road named Pyay Road was quiet and empty. Also, the cemetery, a place usually full of the grieving families and friends over the death of one of their own, was quiet.

What I realised was that, Covid-19 has changed not only our daily life but also even the last day of our beloved ones.




2020 April 10

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Su Sandy Htay

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Missing people in the last rites amid the lockdown


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