Street food in Dakar & suburbs 4: the construction

On every street corner, too, various street food outlets compete for customers with other types of businesses. These places are either "canteens" or garages of houses transformed into catering spaces with a large table and wooden benches around for customers, or metal or wooden kiosks glued to a wall or by the roadside.

The materials used are numerous: stainless steel or plastic or glass containers, spoons, dishes, a gas bottle or coal furnace, plastic basins for laundry, a few 20-litre oil cans recycled into water reserves and a stack of newspaper used as packaging.

Battling Covid 19 with thalis

The sounds in the audio may resemble expressions of jubilation - a win in a game perhaps. But these aren't meant to be. Inspired by Italy, the PM of India, Mr N. Modi, in national telecast called upon Indians to bang thalis or utensil or clap for five minutes at 5:00 pm from their balconies, windows or outside their own doors as part of the Janta Curfew on 22 March 2020. The gesture was in part to show appreciation to the first responders. While it may have been meant to be encouraging. Some people burst fire crakcers.

Learning while walking in the forest: Where the village practices shifting cultivation

Every day, the youth of Huay Hin Lad Nai community go into the forest to find food. The forest serves as the local supermarket. Accompanying them into the forest today are students from Chiang Mai University, who are part of school's Ethnic Studies and Development program. Both the students and the youth group wake up early at 5:00 a.m to go and learn in the forest together. The local youth share stories about shifting cultivation, properties of variety of vegetables and herbs, and their way of living with the forest and nature.

A shared locale:Changing pedagogy in General Anthropology, University of Mandalay

To understand practically about concept words related to General Anthropology: beliefs, feelings, and etc., I led my students to visit to U Pein Bridge which is about thirty minutes far from University of Mandalay by taxi or motorbike. There are four groups divided to visit there and this accession is Group (4) in which  all members are boys. After they came back to the University, in the next week all groups presented their field experiences and discussed with other groups in the class.

A shared locale:Changing pedagogy in General Anthropology, University of Mandalay

The approach of HaB is to challenge the existing course which is based on western text in the curriculum and my idea is to revise a module name General anthropology (Anth-1101) through every day practices, poems, corpuses and oral history of a “Place”, U Pein Bridge situated in Taungthaman Inn.

A shared locale:Changing pedagogy in General Anthropology, University of Mandalay

In (2019-2020) academic year, I teach general anthropology (Anth-1101) to first year students. My idea is to combine the classroom and field trip to show how the concepts of general anthropology that they learned in the class can be connected with "code words" outside of the class room, to begin to show them how to analyze field notes and connect them to theoretical concepts.


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