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A hovering drone being used to keep track of 'suspected' infected persons as they wait for their turn to be checked and processed, Nizamuddin, New Delhi, India. Standing in a line are members of a religious assembly awaiting testing and quarantine processing, who came from across India and Asia. This continued after lockdown started, and appeals to authorities to assist in evacuation initially did not get any response .

While the irresponsible behaviour of the organisers is condemnable and regretable, the incident has become across India the basis of sensational 'anti-islamic' reporting. Many sections of media have ignoring and under-playing similar gatherings organised by followers of other faiths and political groups in India, like this one from Solapur, Maharashtra, West India <> , though none had the numbers and international attendance as the one in Delhi.





2020 April 02

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Indian Express, 02 April 2020

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Monitoring 'Suspected' Covid-19 Infected Individuals


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