Blue Alchemy: Stories of Indigo is an independent documentary film, funded by Women Make Films, a non-profit media organization. It was filmed in India, Japan, Bangladesh, Mexico, El Salvador, Nigeria, and the USA. It showcases the historical and geographic spread of indigo, both as a dye and as an idea.

This video was produced by Vettiver Collective, an activist group, in Chennai, India. It is intended to bring to the awareness of the state government and civil society the need to safeguard the delicate ecosystem of the Ennore creek, a backwater located in Ennore Chennai, 20 km north of the city centre and 2.6 km south of the Ennore Port.

This 13-minute film on Community Forest Rights of the Maldharis in Kutch, India was produced by the students of Srishti Films, Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology, Bangalore.

In early 2017, the Centre for Community Knowledge (CCK) at Ambedkar University, as a part of the Urban Knowledge Network Asia (UKNA) roundtable in Delhi, produced this process film, discussing the methodology and experience of putting together a  pop-up neighbourhood museum at Mehrauli.