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This oral narrative was collected by the students exploring the word concept - belief

“There are many beliefs that are linked with Taunghtaman lake and Taunghtaman Bo Bo gyi, our guardian spirit. I was told by my grandparents and we also believe that strangers who visit U Pein bridge should not shower in Taunghtaman lake because the bather will take the place of the one who died before him/her.

According to another belief, if someone misuses the word ‘kyar/tiger’ (an animal which killed the guardian spirit) and then visits the lake... that person dies.

Also, Taunghtaman lake is located between two villages – Taunghtaman village and Se-mee-htun village.  The villagers have noted that the number of people who die in the two villages is same.”

We found it very interesting to note that while many people believe in such ‘beliefs’, there are some who don’t.





2020 February 21

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Observations from the field by Group comprising Lwin Kyar Phyu Thin, Seint Nadi Win, Kay Zin Myaing, Saw Kalayar and KhinYadanar Thant


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University of Mandalay


Taungthaman Bo Bo gyi (2): Strangers Beware


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