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Bakhri is the Boro term for paddy storage house or granary.  Traditionally, each household had a Bakhri, which was built using clay mixed with cow-dung on wooden frame/pillars, which maintained the temperature to keep the paddy in good condition. It has only one small wooden window for entry. The Bakhri is suppose to be located in the north-east corner of the courtyard next to the Bathou (indigenous belief system of the Boro) alter. A typical Bakhri has a low verandah like platform called Bakhri Agan around it which is used for keeping and hanging various objects, tools and implements used by the family for cultivation, fishing, thrashing, winnowing, pounding and other everyday outdoor use items.  In that it serves as a multipurpose house but Bakhri has special social and cultural significance. The size or the number of Bakhri reflected the social status of a family. Bakhri is considered a sacred place as paddy/rice is representative of mainao, the goddess of wealth, prosperity and fertility, the reason why it is located near the bathou alter.

Nowadays, many households have started building Bakhri using concrete as it requires no maintenance, though the traditional architecture is scientifically considered good for keeping the paddy quality intact for longer period.




2018 January 25

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Bakhri / बाख्री (Granary)

Bathou / बाथौ (Indegenous Belief of the Boro)

Mainao / मायनाव  (Family deity, goddess of wealth, prosperity, fertility)

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