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“It seemed that the whole city had turned into a huge market.”

On every street corner various food outlets compete for customers with other types of businesses. Most places have very rudimentary facilities.

"Some have simple tables set out in the open, others stay in the sun while others, like breakfast sellers, join sheets together to make a sort of voting booth in a corner of the street"

These (makeshift shops) are found in all cities major arteries, markets, bus stations, bus or taxi terminals, in front of schools, hospitals or large companies. They are sometimes cleared by municipalities that are struggling to cope with the congestion of sidewalks.






5 - 7 July 2019

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From July 5 to 7, 2019, Jeanne Thérèse Fatou Diouf and Assane Kébé, Street Food Project volunteers, conducted a survey on street food in Dakar. Jeanne visited the city centre of Dakar and its surroundings (Sahm, Colobane, Niary Talli etc). Assane Kébé, visited the suburbs of Dakar (Thiaroye and Pikine).

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Street Food in Dakar & Suburbs (2): Makeshift Eating Squares


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