Bruno Diomaye Faye

I was born in the mid 80s, and I quickly loved music, cinema, reading and much later, computing and internet. I studied Legal Sciences and Politics until license, a training that I did mechanically. Then I joined the Master of Social Sciences of Religions. This second phase of my studies, was for me, a new beginning and an important moment of meeting with the self.

I learned about research, and took a liking to it. Now I am extremely interested in all the topics that I had the opportunity to address in the training. In addition, I am very interested in postcolonial studies and I hope, through my research activities, to contribute to building a proud Africa. To achieve this, I approach my research through autobiographical narratives consisting of fragments that, taken separately and analysed, can constitute an interesting source of historical information.

Interests/Skills: Interviewing, photography, editing video/digital,design, deejaying