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Depending on the time of day, meals with varied menus are served to this very diverse clientele. For breakfast, for example, the saleswomen have bowls on a table, each containing a sauce to make a sandwich, at the customer's discretion, on site or to take away, wrapped in newspaper:

"Arame provides its customers with three long benches. On his table are bowls containing mayonnaise, tuna, pea sauce, spaghetti, French fries, canned meat, ndambé etc. It adds seasonings and spices (chilli, pepper, broth) to foods to suit the taste of customers.

"It is always necessary to diversify in the preparation. Arame and Khady confirm this reality. The first one tells us that there are "as many customers as there are tastes". You have to prepare as much as possible to have a good chance of selling well. Most of his work is focused on the different types of sauces. It is the same with Khady, apart from fish rice, she prepares "mafé", "supp-kànja", "mboroxe", "yaasa", "cuu", "domoda", all Senegal dishes," according to one vendor.





5-7 July 2019

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From July 5 to 7, 2019, Jeanne Thérèse Fatou Diouf and Assane Kébé, Street Food Project volunteers, conducted a survey on street food in Dakar. Jeanne visited the city centre of Dakar and its surroundings (Sahm, Colobane, Niary Talli etc). Assane Kébé, visited the suburbs of Dakar (Thiaroye and Pikine).

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Street Food in Dakar & Suburbs (1): New Eating Habits


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supp-kànja: white rice and okra sauce

yaasa:  white rice and sorrel sauce with fish or meat

domoda: a type of ñaari cinn i.e. Wolof for food cooked in two pots at the same time -one for white rice and the other for sauce

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