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Luntaya acheik originated in Konbaung dynasty (1752-1885) and could be worn only by kings and queens. If this new fabric was presented respectfully to the king and queen, a prize would be awarded to the giver. Commoners were not allowed to wear a new one but it could worn the king’s hand-me-downs which is awarded to the outstanding person in the service of the king. Some of the acheik worn at that time, “pasoe” (nether garment for man) and longyi (nether garment for woman), are displayed at Cultural Museum & Library (Mandalay) and Mya Nan San Kyaw Golden Palace Cultural Museum. Moreover, there are also paintings and photographs of royal family (king, queen, minister, noble, son and daughter) worn the acheik. Such a display is a value and cultural heritage preservation. It is seen as a form of advertising for the public to know more. These museums had opened before the outbreak of Covid (third week of March, 2020). But it had closed until now.

Anyone can wear it now without limitation. Although few customers buy the same or old designs on display at the museum, most customers pay special attention to the innovative design or a beautiful and unique design.




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Konbaung Dynasty and Luntaya Acheik


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