Win Soe

I am an Associate Professor at the Department of Anthropology, University of Mandalay, Myanmar. I have seventeen years  experiences in anthropological teaching and research. My specialization field is sociocultural anthropology. I wrote "Sociocultural Changes due to Gold Mining in Waphyutaung village tract, Yamethin Township, Myanmar", for my PhD Degree in 2013.

Another work, "Ecological and Sociocultural Changes due to Gold Mining: A case study in Waphyutaung village tract, Yamethin Township of Myanmar" was done by financial supporting from Forest Resource and Environment Development Conservation Association (FREDA) Myanmar and Natural Environment Foundation (NEF, Japan) in 2016. I read out three papers in International Conference: "Economy and Social organization: The Changes of Social Relationship in Waphyutaung village tract, Yamethin Township, Mandalay Region, Myanmar" on ASEAN Community Knowledge Networks for the Economy, Society, Culture and Environmental Stability in 2014, "The Changes of Economy and Political Organization of Waphyutaung village tract, Yamethin Township. Mandalay Region" in the 1st International Conference on Burma/Myanmar Studies (ICBMS I) in 2015 and "Dynamics of Weaving Industries in Amarapura Township , Mandalay Region" on the 2nd International Conference on Burma/Myanmar Studies (ICBMS II) in 2018. I attended as an observer in "The 10th International Convection of Asia Scholars" (ICAS 10) which was held in 2017, at Chiang Mai, Thailand. I also joined as a studnt in Summer School program, "Southeast Asia in Motion" at Hanoi in July 2018 which was led by Zurich University, Switzerland. I am now doing research on "Commodification of Heritage:Transformation of the Amarapura Weaving Industry and the Changing Cultural Meanings of the Luntaya Acheik".

Interests/Skills: Interviewing, surveying, video/digital story tellin, oral story telling drawing, photography/design, mapping, farming, cooking, theatre, weaving, craft, archiving, editing, instrument


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