Storytelling is not a tradition in Kashmir. The way we communicate is through stories’

Kashmir has many stories of its own to tell beyond the visible political ones, though these have not been brought to the forefront because of the way New Delhi has treated place and its inhabitants over the decades.

                 — Onaiza Drabu, "The Legend of Himal and Nagrai and Other Stories"


Onaiza Drabu, is an anthropologist, who graduated from Oxford University and whose research focuses on identity and nationalism in Kashmir. In her recently published book The Legend of Himal and Nagrai, she re-tells the folktales from Kashmir.

The following excerpts have been reproduced from an interview by Gokul S Prabhu for Drabu talks about the method of collecting these folktales, choosing the voice in re-telling of these folktales and reflections on the tradition of storytelling.

We invite the readers to share their thoughts on the interview and over nuances of storytelling and choosing the voice in the process.

Day 2 of the Storytelling & Writing Workshop, Chennai

This workshop was a different workshop. We were practically engaging in the workshop. I’ve been a history student for the last five six years…But this is the first time that I’ve been involved in practice of writing and storytelling and did a write up. My onion story came up from a write up. The workshop helped in understanding very clearly how to organise the data…how to categorise data … how to relate it in interesting way.

                          Bharathidasan. K., Research Scholar (dalit social history), MIDS

Day 1 of Storytelling & Writing Workshop, Chennai

“… how do you express yourself in stories when you’re writing down… this is something I’m beginning to see after this workshop…how to put my thoughts together… how to bring and access information…how to use it and prioritise it in a meaningful way to make it impactful...”

                              - Dharitri Narzary, Assistant Professor, Ambedkar University Delhi

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