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From the Aazadi (Freedom) wall that is a giant pride flag emblazoned with the word freedom in ten of the many, many languages spoken by the people of India, to the Memorial Wall to commemorate and mourn some of the many lives lost to transphobic violence in our country - the queer community turned to the walls of AUD to turn collective joys and sorrows, love as well as violence, into art.  October 2019 marked the arrival of AUD's campaign of censorship to these walls that long held the voices of dissenting, marginalized students. Echoing the same vulnerabilities, these walls were the first to be torn down in the name of 'whitewashing' - just as the administration whitewashes its allegiance to its saffron overlords in the name of patriotism and culture, codes of conduct, law and order. 





August 2018 - October 2019

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Soumya Jayanti

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From the Archives of AUD Queer Collective


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