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Glimpses from Curricular Intervention Workshop, Chiang Mai

21 February 2020

Between 13-17 Februray 2020, at a quiet mountain and lakeside retreat of Kireethara Boutique Resorts, Chiang Mai, an intensive curricular intervention workshop by HaB was organised and  co-hosted by Chiang Mai University. While in course of the workshop the experiences were of a more different kind, outside of the workshop they touched our senses. Below are some pictorial snippets from things around the workdshop.

Kireethara Boutique Resort,

    By the quiet lakeside at Kireethara Resort, Chiang Mai


The quiet lakeside

        By the quiet lakeside at Kireethara Resort, Chiang Mai


In between Huai Hin Lad Nai

    16 February 2020: Field visit to Huai Hin Lad Nai, Karen « Paghanyon » (human beings) , as they call themselves. 


Seeds in shifting cultivation

    16 February 2020: Sunday visit and walk in the forest with Dao, Lek and Masu. Above seeds in shifting agriculture.


    16 February 2020: Sunday visit and walk in the forest with Dao, Lek and Masu.


Thank you in Paghanyonkwa (Karen language)

    Thank you in Paghanyonkwa (Karen language) to Masu, Dao, Lek, the elders, and everyone.


Delicious lunch

    16 February 2020: The simple and delicious lunch offered under the shed.


Returning home

    Returning home: Bangkok – Zürich: approaching Paradeplatz (bankers' mile), once the pig market (Säumärt in Swiss German). Free association.


Reflection by Philippe Peycam after seeing the photographs shared above:

"Thank you for sharing these touching photos of Chiang Mai and of your day trip to the Karen villages. They remind me why a number of us think that this SEA-Africa connection is important, because there is still an element of human scale in these two world regions that you don't necessarily find in big state/empire projects."

Chiang Mai in some ways holds a special place for HaB. The first workshop of HaB was held in Chiang Mai three years ago in 2017, and now also the dicussions for HaB 2.0.