• Workshop

Towards HaB 2.0 Curricular Intervention and Inter-institutional Collaboration

13 - 20 February 2020

The planning of HaB 2.0 took place in two phases in February 2020 at a quiet mountain and lakeside retreat at Kireethara Boutique Resort, Chiang Mai. It was co-hosted by Chiang Mai University. 

Phase 1: Curricular Intervention and Design Workshop

Dates: 13-17 Februray 2020

Workshop Aims

  1. To share methodological aspects of individual HaB projects that have contributed to re-imagining syllabi and pedagogies. 
  2. To review HaB syllabi for their design, content and potential in producing trans-disciplinary, situated knowledge in global context.
  3. To articulate and collectively draft a shared HaB curricular manifesto including keywords, structure, pedagogical guidelines and tools, values, skills, and resources.


Phase 2: Inter-institutional meeting towards HaB 2.0

Dates: 18- 20 February 2020

Workshop Aims

  1. To review the draft HaB pedagogical manifesto and ratify it as a commonly held document. 
  2. To discuss the different modalities of institutionalisation of the HaB methodology within each participating university as well as at the level of the HaB consortium.
  3. To discuss the long-term sustainability of the graduate programme in Global Humanities across Borders.
  4. Drafting the shared funding proposal for HaB 2.0





9:00 - 17:00


Kireethara Boutique Resorts
Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai