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Women's Mobilities in Naga Hills


 In the remote Naga hills , beyond the capital city of Kohima, stands the beautiful and historic village of Khonoma. Traditionally a site of resistance, having pushed back British rule in the region from the 1830s to 1880, Khonoma continues to be a space striving towards safeguarding the rights of women while strengthening Naga unity through organisations like the Khonoma Women Union, in whose honour this obelisk stands marking its 25 years in 2013. Solid as the hills, members of this union have since merged into other collectives , new and still emerging, and others such as the umbrella civil society organisation Naga Hoho,  as Naga women routinely combat both community and state for their space in the sun and in the halls of power. Khonoma is incidentally, home to Angami Zapu Phizo , the grand old man of Naga nationalism and separatist leader, convenor of the Naga Club, the oldest group that sought to establish the Nagas as a sovereign people with their  own 'nation'. 

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