This beautiful embroidery from Afghanistan is commonly done on velvet, in this case a soft royal blue fabric, that highlights the embroidery very well.

Beauty is Composite

Beauty is the quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind, it can also be a combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.

"Hidden" Meanings

Pha hol is the name for an ikat-patterned silk cloth woven among ethnically minoritized Khmer communities in today's Thailand, especially in Surin and Buriram provinces. Hol is "the Queen of Surin silk" many say -- the most beautiful, locally meaningful pattern. Calling hol a Queen draws attention to its creation and use primarily by women.

Women's pottery of Keur

Pottery made by Senegalese women of the blacksmith caste. Competition from manufactured products has led to an innovative reorganisation of their activity: pottery with sophisticated shapes and shiny decorations now rub shoulders with traditional pottery, still using the ancestral know-how.


This photo taken by Bruno Diomaye Faye is selected for the LeidenGlobal Photo Exhibition: Crafting Cultures 2022.

Innovative designs of the Kachin traditional lower garment

These photos are the innovative designs of the Kachin traditional lower garment (Hta-main in Myanmar) by creation of the owner and the designer collectively in terms of market demands. The first photo combines five lower garments through folded styles and it shows how to evolve and innovate the designs since ancient times. When the Kachin lower garment was created, the width of the line was only three inches and it was worn in behind the waist (the first one, green colour of the Figure (1)). However, nowadays the line is about six inches (the third one of the Figure (1)).

Weaving Workshop in Mandalay, Myanmar

A weaving workshop is located in Mandalay, Myanmar. Most works are migrants from Shwebo Township and neighbouring places which are located in Sagaing Region near Mandalay. The owner provides lodging and meals to each worker at the workshop.

The innovative designs of the Kachin traditional lower garment since ancient times (Hta-main in Myanmar) are created by the owner and the designer collectively based on the market demands. All products are sent to various local shops in Yangon.


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