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The traders here accept all the three West African Currencies for transactions (CFA, Niara, Ghana Cedis). Irrespective of whichever currency a buyer offers, the shopkeepers are able to convert and give change when required. It is interesting how they (shopkeepers) are not limited in anyway among themselves despite the physical border restrictions.

Maama, the trader with the bowl of rice, spoke about the fact that she accepts all the three West African currencies. She further explained that she would be pleased to have one common currency because the Niara is bigger than the CFA and Ghana Cedi. Therefore, the swindlers try to take advantage of the innocent people around by equating the figures of the currencies. According to her the innocent people who come around to buy at the border with their own currencies are the ones likely to be swayed. The swindlers exchange or equate the value of money of the different currencies even though they aren’t. For example, CFA 1000.00 is not the same as Naira 1000.00. Maama also highlighted the need for the Eco (the proposed West African currency since 1945)





2019 January 29


University of Ghana


Multiple Currency Transactions among Traders along the Togo/Benin Border


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