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This is a photograph taken from one of the university campus's democracy wall. These are walls on most campuses in Hong Kong where students (or anyone) can post stickers and messages to support freedom of speech, academia and so on. During the past years Freedom of speech and academia has become increasingly restricted and walls like these have been dissapearing. If we return now to many of these walls they will be empty and even if they are available certain messages are no longer allowed to be written. There are two messages that stand out immediately: Stand with Thailand and IDEAS ARE BULLETPROOF. The first highlights the importance of solidarity. The second, an oft repeated slogan seen in walls all over Hong Kong and shows that academic freedom is not an isolated concept but stands together with liberties that are all too often take for granted.




2020 December 24

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Milan Ismangil

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Ideas Are Bullet Proof: A Hong Kong Campus Democracy Wall


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