Enrico Joaquin Lapuz

Hello! I am Enrico Joaquin "Joaquin" Lapuz, and I am currently a Master's student at Leiden University, working on my thesis for the Colonial & Global History program.

Prior to moving to the Netherlands, I was a bachelor's student in the Philippines, studying in Ateneo de Manila University as part of their History program, and received my diploma along with a minor in Education. In the Philippines I was active as the president of the university's student historical society, the League of Atenean Historians, and acted as a bridge between the university's History faculty and the student body to encourage and engage in historical discourse, specifically in the field of Philippine History. 

When it comes to research, my interests focus on the colonial legacy of the Philippines, looking at the American colonial period of 1898 to 1943, and the Japanese occupation of 1943 to 1945. My bachelor's thesis discussed the intellectual and moral development of former president Jose P. Laurel and his controversial legacy in Philippine history as a Philippine nationalist and Japanese collaborator, while my master's thesis looks for a reevaluation of exhibition photographs of indigenous Filipinos during the 1904 Louisiana World's Fair. 

As part of the HAB team, I will be serving an internship as their Web-Content Editor, and am in charge of writing and reviewing content that is submitted to the HAB website, as well as helping the rest of the team in facilitating communication between IIAS and the HAB partners. 

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