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University of Mandalay


Saunders Weaving and Vocational Institute
Sagaing-Mandalay Road
Amarapura Township, Mandalay city 21° 55' 5.0268" N, 96° 3' 54.7812" E


Weaving Luntaya Acheik Then and Now: The Making of Myanmar Traditional Dress


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The Saunders Weaving and Vocational Institute accept the trainees by per year/per month. There is regular training as well as other vocational training. Moreover, this institute learn the requirement of training school if the local organizations make the request according to the requirements of their organization. The educational qualification is limited depending on the applying of education such as matriculation, middle and primary school level. The trainees all must admit single and under 25 years old only. The numbers of trainee is 5-50 persons by depending on the training course.

Among them, the lunyakyaw training course was opened in 1953. This course is called lunyakya or yakya or lunyakyaw in weaving environment. In Konbaung dynasty, it was also called luntaya acheik. Although this course was one year, it is six months at present time.

This photo is 33 types of basic design which is used in teaching of lunyakyaw acheik. These design are firstly drawn this institute. It is shown in demonstration room and in weaving of the hand loom. It is used the designers as well as the weavers. In Myanmar, there has no right to prohibit concerning with the design. 

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