The Keys of Heaven

The keys are a symbol of Leiden and are found everywhere. According to the information we gathered, these are the keys of Saint Peter. Like the coats of arms in Ghana that talks about the belief of the people and acts as a cultural symbol, the keys of Saint Peter have become a symbol that people identify themselves with. Saints Peter was the Patron Saint of the town, and the visibility of the keys, in public and community spaces, shows how important this key is to the people of Leiden as a tangible heritage acquired from the Bible days.

Chedema Baptist Choir

This is a choir from the Chedema Baptist Church on the occassion of the 69th Naga Plebiscite Day.

It talks of a creator, Christ in heaven, who be praised and  who blesses the congregation to stay together as one.

The Naga nation is that one holy congregation which seeks to remain as one , together in its mission to spread the word of God.

Phool Waalon ki Sair: The Flower Seller's Festival

Phool Walon Ki Sair meaning "procession of the florists" is an annual celebration by the flowers sellers of Delhi. It is a three-day festival, generally held just after the rainy season in the region of Mehrauli. The grand procession that followed Mirza Jahangir’s return in 1812 witnessed the flower sellers of the city bringing floral chadar (sheets) and pankha (fan) as offerings. This became an annual event, with a large fair and a series of cultural performances held near Shamsi Talab.

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