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Street food practices in Dakar and its environs

From 5-7 July 2019, Jeanne Thérèse Fatou Diouf and Assane Kébé conducted a survey on street food in Dakar (Senegal) as part of the project Atelier Populaire: Building New Knowledge and Practices on Street Food in Saint-Louis, Senegal, led by Gaston Berger University, Saint-Louis, one of the participators in the Humanities across Borders programme at IIAS.1 On 27 October 2019, Bruno Diomaye Faye visited Saint-Louis in a similar capacity. The main objectives of this project include the creation of a resilient urban community and the organisation of an experimental school and street food festival. In this article, the authors reflect on what they encountered during their research and offer a window to the changing cultural world of ‘food’.

                                                   By Bruno Diomaye Faye, Jeanne Thérèse Fatou Diouf and Assane Kébé

The Newsletter 85 Spring 2020

Enquête sur l’alimentation de rue à Dakar et sa banlieue: Nouveaux lieux et nouvelles habitudes alimentaires

Du 5 au 7 Juillet 2019, Jeanne Thérèse Fatou Diouf et Assane Kébé, volontaires du Street Food Project ont réalisé une enquête sur l’alimentation de rue à Dakar. Jeanne a visité le centre-ville de Dakar et ses alentours (Sahm, Colobane, Niary Talli etc). En ce qui concerne Assane Kébé, la banlieue de Dakar (Thiaroye et Pikine) a été son terrain.

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