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To increase knowledge, when trimming a branch, leave about one or two branches of the tea tree and cut all the remaining branches to a height of 16 inches or 22 inches from the ground. Annual branch trim increases yield. As it is a branched plant, it produces more sprouts. fermented tea prefers sprouts, so the more beautiful the sprouts, the higher the price. The branching method should be taught that it is a 100% safe method without plant death. A 40-years-old- secretary of the Palaung Tea Producers and Sellers Association said:

             “Every time cut a branch must wipe it with lime juice so that the parasites don't come, remove unwanted plants from (an area of ground), and after about two months of the trim, new leaves will emerge from the trunk, the new branch will be about six inches long, and the leaves must not be picked, and the new branches dry up and die, about six months after trimmed the branch, eight (or) 10 leaves should be picked. 

In addition, when picking tea by machine, is faster and cheaper; hand, scissors and there is no need for manpower, technology is also provided to change the use of the machines , the 52-year-old president of the Palaung Tea Association about how to use the machine; he explained,

“The tea trimmer was bought by Pyin Oo Lwin Rainbow Brother company, the price is 180,000 kyats, picking by tea trimmer only needs 3 people, get 134.4 kg, 151.2 kg (80, 90 viss) a day, when picked by tea trimmer, the leaves are short and long, so they are good for black tea. Because everything is added, and grind.

Because the traditional method was used for many years, the method of cutting tea branches was minimal. The quality of tea is good, but the yield is low. Therefore, as the yield of tea is partially related to trimming, the technology to change the tea plant is given. Most of the tea farmers only grow using traditional methods, so they are very weak in terms of cultivation and production technology. What should happen is that only if there is introduced with technology, the quality of tea and tea yield be better, and the farmers will get the benefits they deserve, as well as solve the need for the labour shortage. 





2024 April 10


Namsang Township, Northern Shan State

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University of Mandalay


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