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“Shoulder basket brand” pickled tea leaf with sesame is the very first product in Myanmar (See figure – 1) Fertilizers, as well as insecticides, have not been used in tea plantations. The forty-year-old “shoulder basket brand” pickled tea leaf company owner said “In our company, export goods are manufactured hygienically and attractively. However, goods for local consumption are not produced properly. Like foreigners, indigenous people are human beings. So many diseases occur in Myanmar because of consuming unhygienic food. The food we produced should be clean to prevent bacteria, infections, or diseases. My objective is to fight against the self-seeking creatures”.

            The fermentation process, it is done within the day the green tea leaves are plucked. The company owner must educate the cultivations concerning organic matters. They are reminded not to use chemical fertilizers. Since there are battles in the hilly regions, the cultivators have no income although they own the tea plantations. The price of tea also changes often because of COVID-19, the current situation, and so on. Quality goods can make high prices. For the benefit of the tea cultivators and their future generations, an association has been formed to produce organic tea in Ywa-nganvillage in Shan state. This association consists of one hundred and fifty tea cultivators and three hundred acres of tea cultivation (See figure-2). 

            Tea cultivators pluck the springs of tea plants. They do not need to fertilize the cultivated land. It is already organic. The taste of fermented tea leaves is sweet and astringent. It is one of Myanmar’s most prestigious finished products. 




2022 August 28


Ywa-ngan village
Southern Shan State

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University of Mandalay


Enforcing the quality of Organic tea production


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