Maja Vodopivec

Maja Vodopivec has an interdisciplinary background in Peace and Conflict Studies and Japanese Studies. She received a PhD in Peace and Conflict Studies and postwar Japanese intellectual history from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies in 2012, with degrees from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (MA Peace and Conflict Studies) and University of Belgrade (BS in Economics and BA in Japanese Language and Literature). Maja is assistant professor at Leiden University College since August 2013, where she teaches in World Politics major and Culture, History, and Society major. She teaches Peace and Conflict Studies, Global History of Asia, and the Politics of Cultural Memory. Maja is a coordinator of HaB programme of International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS) in Leiden. She is also a member of the Academic Committee of  IIAS. Maja was born and raised in socialist and non-aligned Yugoslavia. Contact E-mail: 

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