Dar Impressions: The Other Story of Asia-Africa Relations

. . . And so I went to Dar. For an Asia-Africa conference. It wasn’t just any conference, but something quite different altogether. I would like to say that it wasn’t a field of presentations that only spoke and ignored one another, like the tower of Babel. In reality, everything came from all the senses, but nothing was disharmonic, solitary, or monologic. Even if it’s true that international Africa-Asia relations are currently facing a wall, there is another story of Asia and Africa which seemed, at Dar, to indicate the desire for connection and knowledge, to and for another world.

Abdourahmane Seck writes a beautiful note on his impressions of Dar es Salaam and the Asia-Africa: A New Axis of Knowledge Conference that took place in September this year.   

The Real Tastemakers: Portraits of Farmers and Spice Porters in India

An exhibition of portraits by Sarah K Khan, titled In/Visible: Portraits of Farmers and Spice Porters of India, is currently on display at New York University's Kimmel Windows Galleries. Khan, a Pakistani-American multimedia artist and scholar with a practice focused on food, culture, women, and migrants, shot the images over the course of a year, from 2014 to 2015.


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