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Notes from the field and photos by Ms. Khin Khin Nyein (Third Year Honors)

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Yadanabon University


U Pain bridge over
Taungthaman village Amarapura Township
Mandalay City
21° 55' 0.7752" N, 96° 4' 4.4652" E


What Is the Most Beautiful Place in Taungthaman: From Children's Memories


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What is the most beautiful thing or place in your village? The question asked was to the young school children from Taungthaman Village.

The first drawing is of U Pain Bridge and the second one of Taung Tha Man Thitsar.Many children also drew pictures of their grandparents, Kyauk Taw Gyi Pagoda, Taung Tha Man Lake.

We asked them to explain their drawings - what they know about the particular place or thing -  the dos and dont's.

 One boy on the dos and dont's of U Pain Bridge: "do not quarrel, do not quarrel , do not drop the litter on the bridge, do not drink alcohol and”, added thoughtfully, “ do not pee”.

At first, we found this point of 'do not pee' a bit strange but upon self-reflection we understood the connection - he did not want to make the bridge become messy and dirty. Also while for some of us, not peeing in public space might be considered logical it may not be for others. This reflects the differences in experience and values based on our location and perceptions. The exercise also helped us realise that while we saw ourselves at teachers first, we also became learners.

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