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Those kids were coming to us in the village where we were sharing knowledge. They were so happy to learn with us. They were playing around when we first went there. 

When I looked at those kids, I felt that they had very little of health education because they were dirty and didn’t even were footwear or slippers. But when they were running to me,I felt how they loved to learn with us. And I felt that I m a useful person and that I was so impressive to them as an educated person. In other words, I learnt to be a little proud of myself.






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Field notes and self reflections by Sai Phyo Zin Aung (3rd year honors) from University of Mandalay.

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Thanks Thidar, this picture

Thanks Thidar, this picture is so touching , the human contact speaks more than words! It also reminds me of the empathy and connect that students and faculty from Cotton University felt when visiting Naga women and community leaders in our campus shared their experiences and everyday stories from the field: opening up worlds that no textbook or feminist theory had brought into learning practices.


What Happens When University Students Invest in Community


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