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University of Mandalay


Saunders Weaving and Vocational Institute
Sagaing-Mandalay Road
Amarapura Township, Mandalay city


Weaving Luntaya Acheik Then and Now: The Making of Myanmar Traditional Dress


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The Saunders art, gallery and museum (see photo) was opened on the August 2nd 2004 as a memorial of 90th anniversary of the Saunders Weaving and Vocational Institute. It was supported by the Small Scale Industries department from Myanmar and Kanasarwa College from Japan. The objective of establishing the museum is for the developing of the vocational schools studies and small scale industries in rural area. There are three rooms: museum, demonstration room and gallery.

In museum, it is shown the over 150 items such as the couple statues of the national (Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Chin, Mon, Rakhine, Shan), the traditional costumes and photos, the ingredients of using the natural dye, weaving-related materials, natural dyes, painting, acheik clothes of king and queen in Yadanabon period, the elementary designs and patterns which include at the weaving of Myanmar lunyakyaw acheik. These material are donated materials and purchase materials.

In demonstration room, it is also shown the handloom and the materials for using the weaving to able weave in ready.

In gallery, the towel, shawl, shirts, sarong (pasoe), accessory bag, purse, many types of acheik, cane baskets, the equipment which make by lacquer ware, and painting are displayed and sold.

Every gallery are built one storey wooden building by stilt which is the planks for flooring and walls and galvanized iron sheet roofing,   and the area is (80 _24_15) feet. Those buildings were built in 1963 and it was men's hostel at the former time. The museum is open daily except the weekend days and gazette days. There is no any entrance fee for visiting to this museum as it is teaching aids.

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