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University of Mandalay


Amarapura township
Sagaing-Mandalay Road
Amarapura Township, Mandalay city


Weaving Luntaya Acheik Then and Now: The Making of Myanmar Traditional Dress


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The Saunders Weaving and Vocational Institute (SWVI) is situated in Yay-twin-nyi-naung ward, Lay-su quarter, Amarapura Township, Mandalay Region on the side of Mandalay-Sagaing road.

Before 1910, the local people used the hand throwing loom which could weave 24 inches only. Mr. L.H Saunders, the Judicial Commissioner of Upper Burma, found that the technology of hand loom in Myanmar was very low and brought a fly shuttle loom from England in 1910.

They gradually changed to the fly shuttle loom. It can be recorded that the fly shuttle loom originated from the Saunders "lunpyan-asa-Saunders-ka" in Myanmar weaving history.

The Saunders Weaving Institute (SWI) was opened for training in weaving 1914 and named after Mr Saunders as a mark of honour. From this time, Amarapura Township was figuratively called as weaving city "yetkan-myotaw". In 1954, the power loom was introduced by this institute.

The lunyakya acheik training course was started opening in 1953. The first photo is the acheik method book which was published at SWI in 1971.

In 2014 November, it upgraded from SWI to SWVI (the second photo) in commemoration of  the centenary of the school. Diploma in textile technology was started at the same time . This institute accepts and teaches the trainees by per year/ per month plan. The government pays 30,000 mmk as stipend to each regular training student.

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