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Maybe the people I met today are not asking themselves all these questions. The awareness messages just ask them to "wear" a mask. At the same time, the Minister of the Interior has issued an order on the wearing of masks and the police are punishing all those who do not respect the measure by making them pay a fine of between 3000 and 6000 CFA. One of my neighbors who goes to the market every day told me that she thinks it's a bit stupid to have to pay such sums when a mask costs between 100 and 300 CFA on each street corner. The mask seems to have finally changed from protection against a contagious virus to a compulsory accessory to avoid a hefty fine. From this point of view all the questions about the quality and the precautions of use of the mask don't make much sense to her anymore, the main thing is to have one and to carry it.

Therefore, isn't there a confusion on twitter and Facebook between indiscipline and the effects of inadequate or non-existent awareness?




2020 May 18

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