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This oral narrative was collected by the students exploring the word concept - belief. 

The seventy-two year old father of the fried-fish seller told us the following story related with the establishment of the U Pein bridge:

"I left the monastery long time ago but I remember what I learnt about the history of the U Pein bridge"


အင်းကအော်ညီး ဆောက်လုပ်ပြီး၊ ဉီးပိန် တံတားကြီး

အင်း၀ရေငံ တွင်းဂျီးစော်နံ၊ တောင်သမန် ရေချိုတွင်း သောက်ပါလေ့ ကို ရန်ကင်း ဘေးရန်က ရှင်း

ဘရူရာဇာ (ထန်းပင်) မည်သော ထန်းပဒေသာပင်များ ခြံရံလျက်ရှိသောနေရာများကို ရွေးချယ်ခဲ့သည်။


Inn Ka Awe Nye, Sauk-Lauk-Pyi, U Pein Tada gyi

Innwa yae-ngan Twin-gyi-sor –nyan, taungthaman yae-cho-twin thauk-par-lae Ko-Yan-Shin

Baru-yarzar (Htan-pin) mye-thaw Htan-pa-dae-thar-pin-myar chan-yan hlat shi thaw nay-yar-myar ko yawe-chae khae-the.




U Pein Bridge was established in 1213 (Myanmar Era)

The smell of water in Innwa Town is bad and the taste is salty but the taste of the taungthaman lake is very sweet and drinking it is safe.

A place where toddy palms are plenty of there was chosen (to establish a new palace, Amarapura).


" The king, Bodaw Phaya wanted to move away from Innwa also because he wanted to move away from the shadow of the thirty-three kings who had ruled there."





2020 February 22

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Observations from the field by Group 4: Htet Kaung Khant, Kadaw LaKkawng, Thet Htoo Aung, Kaung Sithu, and Nyan Linn Htet

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Congratulations Zin

Dear Zin Your students are doing a great job! How wonderfully the methodology of focusing on people's stories about a place or a practice and then relating them to word-concepts in text books or in everyday media and conversation is emerging in your classes. I am so happy to see this progress. Please keep sending us such wonderful accession cards.

Thanks Aarti for your

Thanks Aarti for your congratulations to my energy. The first year students would like to share and discuss their experiences from their field trip with the ideas of their colleagues and seniors. Consequently, they said that they have never forgotten the core concepts due to their clear understanding combined with field trip.


U Pein Bridge (2): Learning History Through Childhood Poem


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