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2019 July 15

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University of Leiden


Bio Science Park
J.H.Ooterwag 19.2333, CH Leiden
52° 10' 7.1904" N, 4° 27' 53.838" E


A Tour to Bio Science Park


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Leiden Bio Science Park was founded in 1984 at the west of the Leiden Central Train Station which is the largest and fastest growing science assemblage in the Leiden. The 2km wide campus include housings, university, hospital, restaurants, sports center, business companies and many other more. In the photo, it mentions the model of Bio Science Park which is proposed to be set up as the lively campus.

In the process of building the Bio Science Park, they developed the “Master Plan” which is as shown in the figure. The campus is in the two areas, Leiden and Oegstgeest. The “Master Plan” is the joint development of the municipals of Leiden and Oegsteeest. Under the plan, it is going to develop the 1100 student housings (600 or 700 for the students and the rest for the academic hotels and so on).

The important part of the plan more (more means the following plans- community concept, spatial concept, program and sustainability.) One of the formers- community concept includes the transportation system mainly to use bicycle and electric bike, economic system, recycling system, hospital, communication and it even includes the own application ( campus application ). In my point of view it is more look like city (micro-city) which is established by the University with the growth of student housings. In the concept of “Town and Grown” it will become city because of the University.


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