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2020 February 21

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Observations from the field by Group comprising Lwin Kyar Phyu Thin, Seint Nadi Win, Kay Zin Myaing, Saw Kalayar and KhinYadanar Thant

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University of Mandalay


Taungthaman Village
Amarapura Township
Mandalay City
21° 53' 34.2276" N, 96° 3' 11.5524" E


Word concept and an object as tools

Dear Zin, Thank you for your posts. These are great demonstrations of animating teaching and learning through word concepts and objects and storytelling! Your students are doing so well and must be really enjoying your classes.

Thank you Aarti for your

Thank you Aarti for your appreciation to my efforts. I always tries to combine the classroom and field visit that is the focus of HaB program in my teaching class. So, I really would like to change passive learning methodology like translation text books by teaching staffs. So, I always learn accession cards uploaded by partners.


Thet-pyauk-taing: The Memorial Pole


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This oral narrative was collected by the students exploring the word concept - belief. 

The guardian spirit was once an ordinary man. One day, while he was crossing the strem, he was bit by a tiger or kyar and died. The villagers erected a teak wood pole as a memorial to him and named it Thet-pyauk-taing. And from then on he became Taungthaman Bo Bo Gyi, the guardian spirit.

Local people who settled at the Taungthaman Inn and its neighbouring place believe that Taungthaman Bo Bo Gyi takes care of the people who believe in him and grants them prosperity. In Taunghtaman village all locals, including taungthu cultivators who grow seasonal crops like corn, beans, sunflowers, and also farmers, believe in him. They also believe that the guardian spirit owns this land and takes care of them. Thus, every year Taungthaman Bo Bo Gyi festival is celebrated where offerings are made to him and people do the spirit dance.  


Linguistic translation

kyar: tiger

inn: lake

taungthu: term for seasonal cultivators

Site of knowledge & meaning

Feeling & motive