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2020 July 31

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Tabaski Twenty Twenty (2)


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The first activity on the feast day tabaski is group prayer in the public squares. Otherwise it will led in the mosques by the Imams who will be the first to slaughter their animals. After the immolation of the Imams from each zone, the rest of the community starts to slaughter their animal. Following the mechanical skinning of the animals, the meat is distributed at three levels: firstly, the share of the disadvantaged first, then the next of kin and the third part is for the family. This meat is consumed in different dishes, at least within the families. It can be seen that people eat too much meat during the feast days. It's the feast day, people put on their beautiful clothes to make themselves beautiful and they enjoy themselves. It is the day when everyone eats to sit down.        

Bamanan proverb: "He is so skinny that it seems he has never participated in a Tabaski festival in his life.”

The feast day is a day of fun for all Muslims, even non-Muslims accompany the community. Usually on this day, children go to visit close relatives and affinities in their families. As for the adults, it is the presentation of apologies and wishes to each other.  

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