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The feast of Aîd El Kébir or tabaski is a Muslim feast. It involves prayers and the slaughter of animals (preferably sheep). This year, it coincided with the Covid 19 pandemic and its consequences. This explained the soaring prices of sheep in the market. The animals were exposed in the parks and on the streets to customers. The prices varied between sixty thousand (60,000 F cfa) to four hundred thousand (400,000 F cfa and up). Because of the high price of sheep, within twenty-four hours (24 hours) of the event, some Muslims could not have the sheep of their choice. However, the festival coincided with the end of the month, which allowed several salaried officials in Bamako to have at least one ram for tabaski 2020. Through this Malian religious event, one can see the evolution of an economic chain parallel to the sheep market, namely: the sellers of animal food, the merchants of knives for the slaughter of animals and the presence of motorcycle cabs to ensure the transport of the sheep after sale. During this period, each actor in the chain rubs his hands with joy.




Tabaski, Aîd El Kébir

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