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5-7 July 2019

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From July 5 to 7, 2019, Jeanne Thérèse Fatou Diouf and Assane Kébé, Street Food Project volunteers, conducted a survey on street food in Dakar. Jeanne visited the city centre of Dakar and its surroundings (Sahm, Colobane, Niary Talli etc). Assane Kébé, visited the suburbs of Dakar (Thiaroye and Pikine). On 27 October 2019, 

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Gaston Berger University


Dakar & its Environs
14° 43' 0.0372" N, 17° 28' 3.6696" W


Street Food in Dakar & Suburbs (3): What to Cook


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For some vendors the entire preparation chain is a very serious matter, and therefore personal, especially for reasons related to Muslim (halal) precepts:

Abdallah, one of the vendors tells us that he is a Muslim and that he cannot consume or sell directly what comes from Europe because he does not know "what we did to slit it". According to him, happiness must be sought in the afterlife in every profession that one performs, so if the work is not well done, one cannot access salvation. We lose twice: we get tired of looking for money here and tomorrow before God, it will be a difficult report. Africans cannot risk, according to him, after the difficult conditions of life on earth, losing salvation in the afterlife. That's why he doesn't give in to the convenience of using meat imported from Europe. According to him, the meat should be labelled "halal" to at least reassure the consumer

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