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Around the meal, I discussed this post ( with my family members, our perceptions and interpretations were just as diverse as what I had read in the comments. We did agree on one thing, however: to add "board games" to the list of activities we had drawn up to facilitate confinement. Finally, and after this interesting discussion around the bowl, we chose another game - monopoly, because the Ludo is limited to 4 players. From that day on, the confinement time seemed less long and less boring to us.

We had never played board games all together, and it had been a long time since we had all stayed home together for so many days. The confinement stopped being a constraint for us, and turned into a warm time with crazy laughter, arguments, tricks ... in short, good times around a board game.




2020 April 30

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Thank you

Dear Bruno... These are truly amazing biographical pieces of living in the time of corona. I didn't know that Ludo is popular in Senegal too. It's the same in India.

Thank you

Dear Cheryl, thank you very much for this comment, I didn't know this game was popular in India either. We played it thousands of times in my youth, it was a "children's game" at the time but in the last few decades we realize that it has become more popular, to the point that even adults play it a lot.


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