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“I barricaded myself and stared out the window, without seeing anything but my own unhappiness.”
                                                                                 ― Thomas Bernhard, The Loser

That's Lora-Girlie Jacob. She hasn't gone out for a walk for almost three weeks. She has the run of the whole house and lots of plants to smell. But she misses going out. She has taken to staring out from the doorway. Sometimes she sits there and whines. A lot of times, she pines near us and when we follow her, she takes us to this gate. Even she's struggling with staying in amid the lockdown. Yes ... our roads have been rather empty and fewer people spitting or walking. Yes ... there has been no case in our locality... yet ... but there's always a but ... in adequate medical/ testing facilities/ people's unwillingness to come forward... so many unknown variables ... I simply make promises to treat Lora to long walks once this is over... something similar to what I tell my father who's 70+. 




2020 April

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