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After the corona measures, people are required to adapt to the new situation of staying at home, to understand the abnormal quick-made measures. However, people understand them well and most of them follow the new measures because they know that it will be over sooner if everyone works together. What beauty I found in this crisis is the joyful spirit and humor of people. I believe that this will become the true drive and engine to pass through the dark tunnel. Here I would like to take two examples:

Spirit continues

Yesterday I watched a corona talk on a Dutch TV show where some famous Dutch were invited, including a comedian, two medical doctors, and a famous Dutch astronaut, who is regarded as a quarantine expert in the Netherlands. In the TV programme, the comedian introduced his new show, so  called  “Rubentijlruben in quarantine”.  Three Dutch comedian aired each episode through social media, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, every day at noon. The three put their heads together (virtually) and came up with the idea because as they said - "We just had to do something." This YouTube channel is hilarious and filled with humour from daily life.

Partial of the YouTube channel was played on the TV programme.

One of the medical specialists, who was talking about the epidemic situation seriously from his professional point of view, appraised the positive initiative of the YouTube channel.  And he said to the comedian that he would recommend this channel to his colleagues, who are working hard at the frontlines of the corona. He called his colleagues, the “audience” who need this spirit the most.




2020 March 23

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Spirit Continues


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