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Even before I entered the Saturday weekly market in Leiden, I was greeted the sound of live music and singing, which sounded out of place to me. There was also the absence of bargaining and catchy one-liners that I was used to hearing at the Saturday weekly market at Shadipur in West Delhi.

In the first photo video one can here the vendors promoting their stall in a sing-a-song manner followed by the music from a travelling Orgel standing at one corner of the Saturday market in Leiden. The second photo video on the other hand presents to the listener snippets of sounds that flood Shadipur Shani Bazaar.



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Video 1: Mesha Murali

Video 2: Shadipur Shani Bazaar Team

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Soundscape of a Saturday Market: Comparison between Delhi and Leiden


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Linguistic translation

Video 2 audio translation:

Vendor 1: “… for 150, for 150 for 150. Hello! Buy this product for rupees 150.”

Vendor 2: “Madam I am talking to you, there is no reason to argue.”

Vendor 3: “This is from Bombay, Sister-in-law… Aunty… from Bombay!”

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