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2020 March 01

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University of Mandalay


U Pein Bridge, Amarapura Township, Mandalay City Mandalay City
21° 53' 29.6016" N, 96° 3' 25.5168" E


A Shared Locale: Changing Pedagogy in General Anthropology, University of Mandalay (2)


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Continues from the previous accession card:


Another student interviewed to a girl who is a university student in Yadanabon Univeristy. She said that

        "I noticed a phrase for the date of the establishment of U-Pein bridge from her grandparents when I was young. It is Myanmar language and it is very easy to memorize for all of us and it matches with alphabetic words that we usually use those words when the babies was named in terms of the date (From Mon day to Sunday) that they was born. The phrase (Sar-cho in Myanmar language) “အင်းကအော်အာ ဆောက်လုပ်ကာ၊ အင်းက အော်ညီး ဆောက်လုပ်ပြီး” which means this Inn was begun to establish in 1211 (Myanmar era) in which “အင်း” represents one (1) because of Sunday ; "က" is two (2) because it represents Mon day, "အော်" is the same alphabetic with “အင်း” and we counted it as one (1), and "အာ" is also the same with the first word “အင်း”. And it was finished in 1213 အင်း one (1), "က" means two (2), အော် as one (1), and finally  "ညီး" means three (3) according to the meaning of seven days included in the calendar. We have “Symbols” that we learned in the class and these are interpreted in terms of Myanmar language that we all accept.

Their answers made me to satisfy their understanding regarding general anthropology. So, I highlighted them how we can use culture which can be seen around our environment as text book to teach in the class.

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