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University of Mandalay


Taungthaman village Amarapura Township, Mandalay city
39° 32' 56.9616" N, 65° 33' 28.4688" E


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Changing to new Pedagogy by Zin Mar Latt (PhD) in Taungthaman field site

I am Zin Mar Latt, Anthropology Department, University of Mandalay and I am also member of HaB project organized by Dr. ThidarHtwe Win, Professor and head of Anthropology department, University of Mandalay. I noticed that the objective of HaBproject is to create Curriculum for Community Engagement Pedagogy. In the beginning of this project, I did not have idea to link urban anthropology which I teach my students and community engagement.

Our group met the village head and community elders of Taunghtaman village in the village administrator’s office while they said that nowadays most school children who grow up in Taungthaman do not understand to cherish their home village in which cultural heritage are situated. At that time I go idea how to connect it to my lecture and I was thinking “what are the impacts of urban life in Taungthaman village tract, Amarapura Township which was included in Mandalay City Development Committee since 2011?”

In the class, I discussed on the concept of urban life with my students and then I asked them“how would you engage in Taungthamanin terms of urban concept?” In next weekend days, I and my students went to Taungthamanto train the school children. Before my students went to field site, they discussed each other how to start the school children to teach basic knowledge about Taungthaman and they prepared lesson plan for them. As soon as my students arrived in the village, they found out school children in each household to followthe religious hall to learn informal education about their home village. Firstly, they asked them what is the most beautiful place in Taungthaman? Please show it either pictures or words. Those school children created their imaginations on the book and showed to my students. We hosted to them with the village’s traditional snacks like rice mixed with milk (Noe-hta-min in local meaning) which is also a kind of cultural identity of thaungthaman village. My students could participate in the community successfully to conceptualize urban anthropology. 

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