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2019 July 13

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Saturday Market
Nieuwe Rijn
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Saturday Market


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The setting of the Saturday Market is a completely different image from the other local shops during the weekdays. It opens twice a week - a small one on Wednesdays, and the main one on Saturdays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. It is full of products from local and as well as non-Ducth origin (e.g Mabroek). The uniqueness of the market makes people visit it and makes the experience worthwhile. People come not only to shop but also to relax, to enjoy their Saturdays with family and friends.

During our walk in the market street, we met this old couple who were sitting and enjoying their food. Their names are Harry and Suze and both are over the age of 65. Both of them came out of the house to the market to spend their Saturday in a fun way. Here in the market street, we see the couple eating “herring”, a Dutch speciality, a fish from the North Sea, listening to music from the music box, and enjoying the scenery. So, for me their experience revealed that the purpose of the market is not only about selling and buying things but it turns a space into a place where the people joyfully spend their Saturdays.

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