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Here in Taiwan, social networking has not totally retreated due to social distancing. Many things still move on ... just behind the masks and the precautionary measures.

These pictures show the day when people came to build the cucumber shed together. This space is more than a farm. It's a public space that provides the healing effects of the collective work of nature and fellowship, especially at this time of pandemic.  

For the last one and half years, I and my students at the Planning Studio, Graduate Institute of Building and Planning, National Taiwan University, have been running the urban agricultural project in Nangang, Taipei.

The project aims to strengthen the social and environmental resilience of the community through networking with local NGOs and community leaders and organisations. 

Our vegetable garden happened to open in early March, during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. About 20 residents came together to develop the garden by planting vegetables and herbs. Lectures from Nangang Community College taught the planting techniques for 12 weeks. My students helped to manage public participation affairs. The design of the rainwater collection system is one of the student's design. 




2020 March

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Liling Huang

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Planting and Fellowship Amid the Pandemic


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