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Pitha is the common name used in Assam for rice cake. The Boro pitha is traditionally prepared during the harvest festival. In earlier times indigenous varieties of rice were used for making pitha. Each household has its own way of making pitha/ rice cakes and it is generally women who engage in such activities.  Now-a-days with indigenous rice varieties slowly disappearing, hybrid rice varieties are used for making pitha; and pitha is no longer related with festivities alone.

Women today see pitha making as an alternate way of earning livelihood to support their families. Especially in winters, pitha is fast becoming a favourite breakfast item for urban dwellers. Most women sell fresh pitha in temporary stalls at designated places early in the morning and by 9 a.m. they are sold out! People returning from morning walk, going for early morning vegetable shopping or going to work early...they all have come to depend on this simple freshly steamed rice cakes! 




2018 January 22

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Ambedkar University Delhi


Pitha - Rice cake


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pitha: rice cake

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