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I am Wekoweu Tsuhah (Akole) and I belong to the Chakhesang tribe of Nagaland. I am a women’s rights activist and a development practitioner, an advocate for gender equality, social and environmental justice. While growing up, I experienced fear and rage as I lived through armed conflict, alcoholism, domestic violence, poverty and these shaped the person I am today. I am passionate about working with people, women in particular; but it is only after I started working with a women’s rights organization – NEN, the North-East Network, did I truly realize and recognize these social injustices. We at the NEN identify and recognize issues that need to be addressed, and we work towards bringing a solution.

With NEN, around 3000 unorganized women workers in the informal sector in Phek, Dimapur and Kohima districts of Nagaland are being recognised for their work. Women farmer collectives and their communities in Phek district of Nagaland are showing the way forward in building a sustainable future as they are creating alternative development models, by strengthening local food and farming systems. Community seed banks are being established to gain autonomy over their seeds and food production; local organic markets are set up to strengthen the local economy and autonomy over markets; participatory videos on local culture, livelihoods, environment and other community concerns are been made and produced to give them a voice and to represent themselves. 





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Akole Wekoweu Tsuhah

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Ra, it is peculiar to see the

Ra, it is peculiar to see the narratives that are being built around Nagaland. These multiple sites of place-making are very different from what one reads in books.


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