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“Laken” means woollen fabric or cloth. Weaving became the main economy for Leiden in the 17th century and the city became the working center. The city was populated due to the availability of works in the weaving industry. During the Dutch Golden Age, Leiden cloth was imported via Amsterdam, made quality cloth, national uniforms and the process was carried out by people of all ages of the city, from as young as 4 years old to and old person. To secure the quality of products which was the prestige of the city, they built the Lakenhal in 1641. The quality of goods was proved by the lead seal.




The dress in the photo was designed by the modern designer with the traditional wool. First of all, the fabric was made in the traditional way but the design was created in the modern fashion, the colorful shape and bling. So, it tries to recall the traditional weaving industry with the modern creation.



















“ Pronck” is one of the modern breweries in Leiden, the Netherlands, which was founded by a group of University students in 2014. That group of students got the idea just from drinking alcohol even though none of them came from the background of a brewing tradition. To start the craft of brewing, they made studied and thought about the brewing in their own ways. Now their innovation is in 6 main products with 5 main ingredients. In the process of brewing, there is the combination of performative skill, they try to present their products in their own way with technical skill. Their way of brewing is different from the past and the big beer factory like Heineken, they prefer quality than quantity. Though they said they didn’t look back to the past, they are in the way of re-modelling the brewing of beer.




2019 July 12

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Modernity with Tradition


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