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Out of 16 recognised tribes of Nagaland, the Aos are considered as the second largest ethnic group. Chungliyimti, the watershed village in Nagaland holds the symbolic significance behind the legendary folk tale of the ancestry of the Aos. It is believed that the ancestors of the first tribe to embrace Christianity in Nagaland ; i.e the Aos emerged from the six stones which are still in the village of Chungliyimti. According to the myth and the legendary folktale , the Aos burst out of the six stones as three men and three women namely, Thongpok and his sister Lendina , Longpok and his sister Yongmenala , Longjakrep and his sister Elongshe . Later on, Thongpok married Elongshe, Longpok married Lendina and Longjakrep married Yongmenala. From these three couples, emerged the first three clans Pongem , Longkumer and Jamir.


We also find this reference in the eminent Naga poet Temsula Ao's poem "Stone People from Lungterok ". In Ao, Lung means stone and Terok means six and thus goes the myth of the Ao poeple's ancestry.

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2020 December 19

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Legendary Folktale Behind the Origin of the Ao Tribe


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Ao- a tribe from Nagaland, Lungterok- 'lung' meaning 'stone', 'terok' meaning 'six'

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